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Hy-Tec Powder Coating explains the process:

Q: What type of materials can be treated?
A: Any and all types of metal can be powder coated for lasting protection as long as the item is properly pretreated for good adhesion.  Outdoor furniture, car, motorcycle and bicycles part plus almost any metal item which can be take 400 degree heat can be powder coated.  For our business clients we work on individual pieces, batches and large weldments.

Q: What is the difference between powder coating, paint, stain or water seal?
A: Powder is electrostatically applied and baked in a oven at approximately 400-degrees giving it a very durable finish which will last for years with a small amount of maintaince. Paint, stain and water seal need to be reapplied periodically and people become tired of the repeated applictions to maitain it appearance.

Q: I don’t want to lose the color of my outoor furniture. Can the coating match the color of the furniture?
A: There are many colors from the standard primary to fluorescents and metallics, so most likely, yes.

Q: Can this process only be done to new furniture? Or, can my weathered furniture be treated?
A: Any metal furniture, old or new, can be powder coated.  The only other factor is how much repair one is willing to have done to restore an older piece.

Q: Is this done onsite or do I have to drop my item off? How long does it take?
A: Since it’s oven-cured at high temperatures, it has to be done in our facility.  The length of time depends on our workload. The average time an item stays at our shop is a week. 

Q: How will my piece be treated?
A: All old finish is removed by blasting which provides the required good adhesion.

Q: What is the coating made out of and is it safe?
A: Most powders are polyester based, and there are no hazards. Since the coating is baked on in our shop, the customer will never experience the powder in the raw form.

Q: Why should my business work with Hy-Tec Powder Coating?
A: We are a batch shop with dedicated and talented employees.  Our customer service and satisfaction is second-to-none. We provide timely, friendly, professional service.  Parts are taped and plugged as needed.  Customers come to us from all over Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Q: What is the history of Hy-Tec Powder Coating?
A: Hy-Tec Coatings was started in early 1990 primarily doing spray in truck bedliners.  Our first use of powder was in a flame sprayed application.  This is where powder is laid on in a pattern to a desired thickness to preheated metal objects with a flame nozzle, generally done on the customers site.  Examples include large snow plow blades, railings & bridge supports already in place.  The bedliner portion of the business was eventually sold and our direction turned to powder coatings and their uses: thermoset, thermoplastic.

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