Industrial Equipment Powder Coating

Thermoplastic Coating is a revisable process, almost feeling soft, every chemical and abrasive resistant, applied in the 8.0 to 20 millimeters and sometimes a greater thickness. Revisable, meaning if damaged it can be repaired by reheating the object and applying more powder. Generally applied to industrial equipment, snowplow blades, brake-backing plates, brush guards and heavy duty trailer hitches.

Why Choose Thermoplastic Powder Coating?

  • The only coating you'll ever need
  • Fuel efficient
  • Save on equipment wear
  • Save transmission temperature
  • Saves time and wages

There are 16 different colors including safety orange, yellow, and green.
Snowplow Truck — Powder Coatings in Waukesha, WI

Hy-Tec Thermoplastic Powder Coating

Thermoplastic powder coating is the best way to coat your industrial equipment. Give us a call at 262-549-4855 for more information on our thermoplastic powder coating services.